VAVA MOOV28 Wireless Sport Earphones Review

I have been listening to podcasts during runs for a while now. Favorite podcasts include the Radiolab, The Rich Roll Podcast, The Tim Ferris Show, Freakonomics Radio . . . I could go on.¬†Podcasts are so much better than music because you get wrapped up in a story that can last hours. So the miles can fly by. If I listen to music I can easily get through a fast-paced song, feel exhausted, and look at my watch to see that I’ve only gone a half mile.

So I was excited with the folks from VAVA reached out to see if I would review their popular VAVA MOOV28 Wireless Sport Earphones. These are Bluetooth connected headphones designed to stay in place while you run. This sounded much better than the way I was currently listening to audio on the run. Here is my review:

I have since run a longer run with them and can definitely say that they are comfortable, the battery life is solid for a long run, and the audio quality is great.

I still don’t listen to audio on every run, but when I do I will certainly be bringing these along.

If you’d like to snag a pair, you can find them here:¬†

Let me know if you have any questions about the VAVA MOOV28 Earphones or any other piece of gear. I’m happy to help!