Race Highlights: Lucky Clover 4 Miler

Last weekend was St. Patrick’s Day. So, predictably there were about a thousand Irish-themed races to choose from to get your fill of funny costumes and green beer at the finish line.

My race of choice this year – the Luck Clover 4 Miler by 131 Events.  This race took place less than a mile from my office in Carmel and so I knew the race course like the back of my hand.

I have run a handful of 131 events before, so I knew they would do a great job with the race swag and overall atmosphere.  But even with such an expectation, I was really surprised at how fun the finish line festival area was.  Usually I see people finish a race, grab their medal, eat their free food, down their free drinks, and then hit the road.  The Lucky Clover 4 Miler was different.  Here people were hanging out for quite a while.  Just take a look at these race highlights to see what I mean:

As you can tell, the folks that show up to 131’s events know how to have fun.  So if you’re looking for a race that’s about more than just miles – then take a look at their other events this year.  I would recommend the Eagle Creek Trail Marathon or the BOOM shakalaka Half Marathon.

On another note – the weather is warming up and my mileage is picking up.  The bike just got it’s annual checkup and will soon feel the fresh air again.  This should hopefully mean my posts will diversify again to include more than just running (although running is where it’s at if you ask me).

Stay tuned for more!


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