Garmin Vivoactive: Checking Time of Day [During a Workout]

A few weeks ago, I was running with a training buddy and we were doing some intervals.  I had to be home for a dinner at 6:30, so we had exactly an hour to workout.  As part of the interval workout I would stop my Garmin Vivoactive in between sprints.

After a few rounds I started to wonder if we were going to be on schedule to get back to our cars in time.  That’s when my buddy and I both realized that even though we were both wearing $200+ watches, neither one of us knew what time it was.

Well, I made it back just in time for dinner.  And I have since figured out that there are 2 ways that you can check the time of day on your vivoactive while you have a workout going on.  Here’s a video walkthrough on how to do that:

Is there anything you wish you could do on your Garmin GPS watch?  Leave a comment or shoot me a message on Facebook or YouTube and I will see if I can help you out!