Garmin Edge 520: Data Fields

One of the first things I do with any new GPS device is customize the data fields. While the process is similar from device to device, it can still take a few minutes to figure it out. I recently got my first smart bike computer – the Garmin Edge 520 (, so you know I just had to dive in and make a video of the process.

As a runner who occasionally cycles and has little prior experience with bike computer, I was shocked at how many data screens you can have (up to 5) and how many data fields you can have on each (freakin’ 10!). So I kept thing simple to start off. Just 4 fields on my main screen – time, speed, distance, and cadence. If I ever train with power or heart rate I’m sure I will add those as well.

Have questions about your Garmin device? Leave me a comment on one of my YouTube videos and I will do my best to help!