Garmin Edge 520: Data Fields

Garmin Edge 520 Data Fields

One of the first things I do with any new GPS device is customize the data fields. While the process is similar from device to device, it can still take a few minutes to figure it out. I recently got my first smart bike computer – the Garmin Edge 520 (, so you know I just had to dive in ...

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Setting Up Garmin Speed & Cadence Sensors

Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensors

To get the most out of your Garmin cycling computer, you will want to add some accessories to capture more data. The most popular ones are speed sensors (, cadence sensors (, and heart rate monitors. In videos shown here, I pair my sensors to a Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer ( First things first, you will want to install ...

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Cateye Strada Bike Computer: Changing KPH <--> MPH

Cateye Strada unit of measure

One of my most watched videos of all time shows you how to set up the popular Cateye Strada Double Wireless cycling computer ( I recently had a viewer ask a follow up question about changing your unit of measurement from miles per hour to kilometers per hour (or vice versa) He wanted to do this without resetting the entire ...

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Quad Lock Bike Kit Setup & Review

I like to keep my iPhone 6 with me on long rides, and usually I just throw it in my back pocket. At some point Facebook showed me a targeted ad for the Quad Lock mount/case. Is this expensive case worth it? Check out my setup & review video for the Quad Lock Bike Kit to find out: Subscribe to ...

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Garmin Bike Mount Kit Review

I have always been a runner first, then triathlete and cyclist second and third. So I never really wanted to invest in an expensive cycling computer. Especially after I already invest in a nice Garmin Forerunner running gps watch. The features I need are already there – the only thing missing is the bike mount. So, is it worth the ...

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Video: Posting Photos to STRAVA

I have to admit that it took me way too long to jump on this bandwagon. My training buddies convinced me years ago to sign up for Strava to track my workouts, and it’s been a great social media outlet for us. Who wants to see annoying posts about your latest workout on Facebook anyway? But even though I was ...

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Video: Cateye Double Wireless Battery Replacement

The Cateye Strada Double Wireless cycling computer is one of the most popular bike computers out there. And although the batteries last quite a long time, they will eventually wear down.  When they do, follow these steps to get back up and running. Once you have them replaced, you will need to reprogram your Cateye bike computer to set the ...

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Video: Storing Gels on the Bike

Save yourself some space in your pockets – follow this Race Tip for getting your nutrition perfectly stored on the bike. The best part? You avoid having to deal with that annoying little tear off tab becoming litter on the race course. Want more tips? Check out our YouTube channel for the latest videos!

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Video: Remove & Replace Bike Pedals

Removing Bike Pedals

Removing and installing bike pedals can be a pain – especially if you don’t do it very often. So we made this video to walk you through the process, with a couple tips along the way to make it easy. Want more Gear Tips? Hop over to your YouTube Channel and leave us a comment with the gear that you ...

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Video: Cateye Strada Bike Computer Setup

The Cateye Strada Double Wireless is one of the most popular bike computers around. But with only 2 buttons to navigate the menu, it is not the most intuitive menu system around. Luckily, you have this video to walk you through the proper setup: Other common Tire Circumference Codes:  700C Tubular = 2130, 650x23C = 1944, 29×2.1 = 2288, and ...

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